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ANSLEY WATER USERS…….  In the next  2-3 weeks Ansley residents on the Village’s water system will be receiving a simple postcard survey in the mail asking about any changes to your plumbing since 2015.  If you have more than one property or water service, you will receive a postcard for each one.  By state statute, the Village is required to do this survey every few years and ideally should have a 100% response rate.  You simply fill in your name, service address, whether you have a residential or commercial account, and check any changes that apply.  If there are no changes leave those areas blank.  By way of explanation, for those who may not remember or know from the last survey, a hose bibb (vacuum breaker) is a small device you put on hydrants or outside water taps where you hook a hose.  The purpose of the hose bibb (vacuum breaker) is to prevent water being back syphoned into the Village’s water system from your source in the event there is a sudden drop in water pressure.  For instance, if you have a hose hooked to a hydrant without a hose bibb and are filling a water tank, a pool, or are applying chemical from a sprayer you have created a cross connection between the water system and your hydrant.  If there is a water main break and the pressure in the system drops suddenly, the water from your tank, pool, or chemical sprayer could be sucked back into the water main and contaminate the system.  The hose bibb (vacuum breaker) prevents this from happening.  It’s a simple device you can purchase from a hardware store, the average cost is between $10 and $20 and you can remove them during the winter so they don’t freeze.  Once the survey is completed you can either mail the form back in a stamped envelope with your utility bill or return it via the Village’s drop box with no stamp necessary.  It’s a very quick and easy survey so please just take a minute to complete and return it the first day you see it in your mail.  That will save the Village time and money in reprinting and mailing duplicates.  Please call 935-1400 or 935-1467 if you have any questions.

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Village of Ansley

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Ansley is home to over 400 friendly residents, with something for everyone. There is a park with a fishing pond, picnic and camping facilities, sand volleyball and playgrounds, there is fun to be had all day long. Make a trip downtown to visit our downtown merchants. You might be surprised by what you can find in Ansley!

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