History of Custer County, Nebraska: Ansley’s Lumber and Coal Yards


The first lumber company to do business in Ansley was the Chicago Lumber Company, which entered the field in June, 1886. Its representative was a young man by the name of Cox, and he, with a small pile of lumber, landed here before any buildings were erected. In the fall of 1886 the Stevenson Lumber Company was established. Its manager was Brome Stevenson. The father of the manager ‘ was the first man to die in Ansley —— from the effects of injuries received in being thrown from a buggy. In this same year E. A. and A. L. Butler went into the coal business, remaining in the same until 1894, when E. A. went to work for the International Harvester Company and A. L. engaged in the restaurant business, removing the fixtures from Seward. The Dierks Lumber Company, which has been on the ground for a number of years, is represented in this place by its genial manager, O. D. Dean. Its investment here is $60,000. The J. H. Melville Lumber Company, successor of the Turner Lumber Company, represents an investment of $27,000. Its manager is Percy Reed. Both yards deal in coal and lumber. The Farmers’ Shipping Association also deals in coal.


B. J. Tierney began in the grain and livestock business in Ansley in the year 1887 and has been engaged in this line continuously ever since. In 1917, alone, he transacted business to the value of $100,000. The Farmers’ Grain & Livestock Shipping Association was organized in 1909. Its organic capital is $10,000. Its stockholders number 125 and it has paid-up capital of $21,000. Its president is A. P. Dobesh; secretary, James Allen; and manager, Sam. P. Negley.


History of Custer County, Nebraska, A Narrative of the Past, with special emphasis upon the pioneer period of the county’s history, its social, commercial, educational, religious and civic development from the early days to the present time. 
William Levi Gaston, A. R. Humphrey
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