Choice Gas Program




There will be changes in the Choice Gas Program for 2021 following a workshop held this summer with the Nebraska Public Service Commission and gas suppliers in the program, including ACE. The changes include extending the previous two-week enrollment period, which has traditionally been held during two weeks in April, to a six-week sign up period. The 2021 selection period dates have not been set but the six-week sign up period is more in line with the recommendation from the Public Service Commission. The other significant change will be the elimination of delegation agreements, which were used to enroll customers during the program’s “pre-enrollment” period, which ran from January to April before the actual two-week selection period. The new six-week selection period will provide a better platform for head-to-head competition between suppliers. The “pre-enrollment” delegation agreements often led to confusion. Consumers sometimes received multiple proposals from the seven suppliers and ultimately were unsure who or even if they had signed up for the program. By eliminating the “pre-enrollment” period and delegation agreements this confusing process will no longer be used. More information will be provided next January and February as they finalize Choice Gas Program procedures and set definite dates for the 2021 sign up period. As always, the Village of Ansley will encourage residents to strongly consider ACE as their supplier. The Village is a member of ACE which gives us a representative to their Board and a vote in the operation of the organization. ACE has returned over $24,000 to Ansley over the years as a member of the group and these funds have been used to purchase picnic tables, Christmas decorations and shades, umbrellas and chairs at the swimming pool.  Pricing for early signup is available by calling ACE at (800) 454-4759 or
customers may wait until the selection period to sign up by calling or through ACE’s

Choice Gas Program