History of Custer County, Nebraska: Ansley’s Patriotism


The sons of Ansley have fought both in the Philippines and the world war. Those who fought in the first were E. A. Miller, C. C. Cooper, H. L. Kerr, C. V. Pinkley, William Lawson, Oliver Winch, Seymour Burton, Nat. S. Sims, F. C. Rucker, Lemuel Clay, Alvin Coxan, Parlie Busic, Fred Peterson, and Walter Ashworth, the last named having died of disease, in the Philippines.

Up to August 15, 1918, Ansley had made the following contributions to the financial support of the government. She has purchased bonds to the amount of over $151,000; she has bought war savings stamps to the amount of $53,000; she has contributed to the Red Cross $4,441.75; to the Young Men’s Christian Association, $1,100; and to the Knights of Columbus, seventy-five dollars. The town has stood ready to do all that was demanded of it in the giving of its sons and the contributing of its wealth to the cause of liberty.

Up to August 15, 1918, ninety-nine of our boys have answered the call and were either in training camps or on the battlefields of Europe. They are: Argyle Knapp, Art Dobesh, Paul Martin, Hermie Dewey, Dr. C. L. Housel, Albert Thessen, Dr. R. P. Higgins, Claude Hoover, Orrie Amsberry, Walter Anderson. Raymond Dewey, Glen McCollister, Perley Comer, Clyde Oglevive, Earl Harris, Earl Case; Clyde Geeseman, Edwin F. Lund, Lee McCollough, Wehland Hayslip, William McCormack, Harvey Porter, Roy Shepard, William Moore, Rosil Draper, Floyd Junk, Fred Graf, George Martin, Arthur Stuckey, Norman Spalding, Leon Fowler, Art James, William Rigby, Clark Springman, Clyde Wills, Everett Carothers, Ray Lockhart, Richard Thessen, Otto Price, William Mackey, Arthur Hein, Lawrence Berry, Ernest Wilson, Glen Brisbane, Clifford Paine, Roy Burton, Lawrence Bristol, Earl Fox, Charles Armour, Fred James, Lawrence Lowery, Fenton McEwen, Vernon Devine, Harry Zahn, Ralph Smith, Richard Thessen, H. R. Norden, Edwin Burrows, Harry Hilldebrant, Joseph W. Cassell, Roscoe Coleman, Ivo Dewey, Earl Watson, Levert Farrel, Emil Malm, Noel Ritenour, Fritz Baalhorn, Sam Hoblyn, Roscoe Rhodes, Edgar Haines, Frederick E. Butler, Clinton Applegarth, Bert Morrison, Clarence C. Arnold, Charles H. Munn, Wesley J. Anderson, John A. Crist, Alfred B. Mills, William Dudley Pester, Harry B. Duncan, Kresten Ray Jensen, Clyde Willis, Fayette Corlin, Henry Brown, James Rigby, William Ray Van Sant, Chester Harris, Wesley James Anderson, Henry Wrasse, G. Herbert Evans, Lynn Payne, Walter Smith, Alden Draper, Glen Glover, Frank Bubak, Jesse Holeman, Harry Hickenbottom, Leslie Nider.

Ansley! Fairest city of the prairie! May no portentous cloud arise to darken thy horizon! May thy sons ever be strong and thy daughters fair. And may the coming years behold naught but thy unfolding glory and increasing strength.



History of Custer County, Nebraska, A Narrative of the Past, with special emphasis upon the pioneer period of the county’s history, its social, commercial, educational, religious and civic development from the early days to the present time. 
William Levi Gaston, A. R. Humphrey
Copyright, 1919 by Western Publishing & Engraving Co.