History of Custer County, Nebraska: Ansley’s Professional Men


The first druggist was Sam Royds, who was also postmaster. He came in 1886 and, upon his death, in 1888, his wife (now Mrs. B. J. Tierney), succeeded him. She conducted the business until it was sold to Charles H. F. Steinmeir, in 1906. Mr. Steinmeir now conducts a Rexall store and the value of his enterprise is estimated at $40,000. The second drug store in Ansley was that of Rev. Walter Theobald, a Baptist minister, and it was opened Shortly after that of Royds. This store was later disposed of to Charles B. Hare and was run by him for a number of years—until his death, in September, 1905, when the stock was sold to C. H. F. Steinmeir. Shortly after the death of Royds, his clerk, O. P. Allphin, opened a drug store, and he continued in business until 1912, when the stock was disposed of to Dr. E. A. Hanna. Hanna, in turn, disposed of it, October, 1917, to Charles Chandler, who now conducts one of the best pharmacies in the state. The value of his investment is $15,000.


The first lawyer on the ground was George Snell. Shortly afterward J. A. Armour moved over from Westerville; he later served two terms as county judge. In the spring of 1888 came Hugh McConelly. Judson C. Porter became an inhabitant of the village in 1898 but died in 1903. J. R. Rhodes hung out his shingle October 1, 1893, and has practiced his profession here ever since, with the exception of four years (1894-8) which he spent in Broken Bow, as county judge. F. M. Bentley began the practice of law in March, 1904, but died two years later, in December, 1906. N. Dwight Ford, the present county judge, was also a resident of Ansley for some time.

Ansley’s first physician was Dr. C. H. Morris, who practiced here from 1886 to 1893. Part of the time contemporaneously with Dr. Morris was Dr. Hawes, who left the town in 1894. Other physicians who have practiced in Ansley are Drs. Thomas, Anderson, Mullins, Imah, and Jennings. Dr. Grace M. Lewis, a sister of Mrs. J. H. Kerr, also practiced medicine here, from 1898 to 1902. Of the present physicians, Dr. E. A. Hanna came here from Elmo, Missouri, in 1895; Dr. W. R. Young came in 1897; Dr. C. L. Housel, in 1907; Dr. R. P. Higgins, in 1913; and Dr. H. C. Stadden in 1916. Dr. Hanna is a graduate of the Ensworth Medical College, at St. Joseph, Missouri; Dr. Young, of the State University of Iowa; Dr. Housel, of the Lincoln Medical College; Dr. Higgins of the University of Nebraska, and Dr. Stadden of the Creighton College of Medicine. Dr. Housel and Dr. Higgins have been serving their country in the medical corps, in connection with the world war.

Ansley’s first located dentist was Dr. Kramer, now of Hyannis, Nebraska. Dr. W. A. Housel opened his office in Ansley upon his graduation from the Lincoln Dental College, in 1905. His assistant is Dr. Curtis McCallister, also a graduate of the Lincoln Dental College.


History of Custer County, Nebraska, A Narrative of the Past, with special emphasis upon the pioneer period of the county’s history, its social, commercial, educational, religious and civic development from the early days to the present time. 
William Levi Gaston, A. R. Humphrey
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