Village of Ansley



Customers receiving services from the Village of Ansley may have their income negatively affected by circumstances related to COVID-19.  In an effort to aid those customers by extending the disconnect policy for utilities, the Village has approved a Payment Arrangement Plan COVID-19 Emergency Response form that customers will need to complete and file with the Village Office.  The form clearly states consideration for waiving disconnect must be directly related to COVID-19 situations.  Customers must understand they are ultimately responsible for full payment of bills and when filling out the form must indicate an amount they could pay and whether that could be paid weekly, semi-monthly or monthly.  Plan approvals will be considered on a case by case basis.  Please read the form carefully, complete and return to the Village Office by one of the following methods:  (1) mail to Village of Ansley, PO Box 307, Ansley, NE 68814; (2) email to:  [email protected]; (3) put in the Village drop box.  Please include your phone number at the bottom of the form so you can be notified of a decision.  Call the office at 935-1467 with any questions.

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